Praise for The Boy Who loved too much:


"A thorough overview of Williams syndrome and its thought-provoking paradox."  

The New York Times Book Review

"Williams—which only affects 1 in 10,000 people and is therefore considered 'rare'—hardly gets any attention in the media. Ms. Latson asks us to care by suggesting that 'the findings from this rare disorder have far-reaching repercussions for the rest of us,' and in fact she makes this case convincingly."                                

 — The Wall Street Journal

"This terrific debut from Latson, a journalist, takes up the story of Eli and his mom, Gayle, when Eli is 12 years old... Eli and especially Gayle are beautifully drawn, and their struggles with an unknown future are both unique to their situation and universal to all parents."

— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"The narrative is alternately moving and heartbreaking, as Latson walks readers through the tumultuous obstacles that Eli and Gayle face daily. Throughout, Latson demonstrates a sharp, journalistic eye for telling detail and the ability to capture poignant moments without resorting to cliché or overly sappy writing."                            

 — The Boston Globe

"Latson tells [this] story with great sympathy and eloquence... A well-researched, perceptive exploration of a rare genetic disorder seen through the eyes of a mother and son."      

      —  Kirkus Reviews

"Latson blends life concerns and hard medical facts in this widely appealing chronicle of a fascinating disorder."                      

                                                 — Booklist

"It would be a mistake to squeeze this book into the 'disease narrative' genre. It transcends that niche, partly through the author's reflections on what our reactions to people with Williams syndrome have to say about the human condition."          

  — Houston Chronicle


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