What would it be like to see everyone as a friend?

Twelve-year-old Eli D’Angelo has a genetic disorder that obliterates social inhibitions, making him irrepressibly friendly, indiscriminately trusting, and unconditionally loving toward everyone he meets. It also makes him enormously vulnerable.

This remarkable story follows Eli’s coming-of-age while his mother, Gayle, must decide whether to shield Eli entirely from the world or give him the freedom to find his own way.

In a vivid and sympathetic telling based on three years of immersive reporting, Jennifer Latson intertwines Eli and Gayle’s story with a look at the genetic basis of behavior, revealing how insights drawn from this rare condition shine a light on what makes us all human.

The Boy Who Loved Too Much is an astonishing debut. This is narrative nonfiction of the highest order—rigorously reported, elegantly told, and nearly impossible to put down.
— Kate Bolick, author of Spinster
Latson’s haunting book is an intimate look at the relationship between a boy with a rare and fascinating genetic disability and his mother, as she learns over time to stop overprotecting him and allow him to take his own path toward independence. There are valuable lessons for all parents here.
— Steve Silberman, author of NeuroTribes
What is the opposite of autism? What’s it like to be born with an insatiable drive to connect, to love others without shyness or reserve? This is a book about a very unusual child, but it’s also a thoughtful and moving exploration into the very nature of affection and love.
— Paul Bloom, professor of psychology at Yale University and author of Against Empathy
A book of uncommon empathy, a powerful narrative that speaks not only to the love of a mother for her son, but to a genetic disorder that poses questions about the nature and limits of love itself.
— Mimi Swartz, co-author of Power Failure: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Enron

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